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About company


RenoDerm offers a huge variety of cosmetic products that helps the troubled, acne-prone & oily skin to heal and rejuvenate. It provides the synergy of various natural ingredients and skin science. RenoDerm also helps your skin to enjoy the best possible benefits.

Renovation of the Skin

Based on long experience and knowhow, RenoDerm offers hydrating and moisturizing effects that are necessary to maintain healthy skin cells. Also, we use the best ingredients and technologies to stop radiation and free radicals – the two main culprits of skin aging.

Anti-glycation aging leads to glycation of normal proteins which turns them into yellow collagen and makes the skin dull. Anti-glycation is necessary to prevent the skin from aging.

RenoDerm Ingredients

RenoDerm products are based on natural ingredients that are found in nature:

  • Chamomile extract: calms, relieves skin fever and irritation;
  • Arnica extract: soothes itching and redness;
  • Royal Jelly extract: propolis stimulates skin’s metabolism;
  • Blueberry extract: natural antioxidant, contains anthocyanin which is 30 times higher than a grape (powerful antioxidant).

RenoDerm is proud of its professional (RenoDerm Whitox Peeling) and homecare (RenoDerm Recovery) products that treat and improve the quality of your skin.

For over seven years, our brand is exporting high quality products to Japan, China, and Europe, and has been recognized as one of the leaders in the Korean cosmetics industry.



What is RenoDerm “Whitox” Peel?

RenoDerm “Whitox” peel professional line is made for clinics and salons that want to provide the ultimate satisfaction to their clients. “Whitox” peel treatment normalizes skin’s cells turnover and rejuvenates it.

Unique Freeze-Drying – the main ingredient comes from a sponge found in the sweet Mediterranean sea. It then goes through a special freeze-drying process to extract all useful minerals.

Extra safety & excellent results – advanced peel technology ensures extra safety and excellent results compared to other spicule-based peels.

Easy to use and storage – the mix of powder and activator makes it safe and easy to store “Whitox” products in a fridge without losing their appearance or effects.

What are the benefits of RenoDerm micro-spicule peeling?

RenoDerm “Whitox” peeling and its micro-spicules deliver rejuvenation to the skin!

  1. Natural face lifting
  2. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Improves skin texture and evens tone
  4. Acne treatment lightens hyper pigmentation and acne scarring reductions
  5. Active ingredients ensure a healthy skin


Recovery treatment supplies hydration and moisturizing, making skin more supple and radiant.